Let Hope Light The Way


Art no matter its form, is a healer.

Following one of the most massive explosions in the history of humanity, every one of us is writing, creating and shaping their way to healing.

This work was produced thanks to an initiative started by Jean-Michel Habis to send a message of hope through Bernard Khalil’s lens that captured the blasted Beirut port.

All proceeds from the sale of this photograph go towards helping less privileged families through the NGOs Bassma, Les Restaurants du Coeur, Achrafieh 2020, Afel, Anta Akhi, and Oum el Nour.
Pieces sold by the NGOs Bassma, Les Restaurants du Coeur, Achrafieh 2020, Afel, Anta Akhi, Oum el Nour, and Al Makassed will benefit them directly.

When we stand together,
nothing can dim the color of life’s resilience.

Special thanks to everyone who contributed to this initiative:
Copywriting: Maya Sfair & Katrina Petrenko
Printing: Byblos Printing
Design: The MadShad


50 x 22 cm printed on a high-end 4mm carton, ready to be framed.


We are trying to reach a target of 100,000,000 LL.


This limited edition picture will be sold at 100,000 LL.

Points of Sale

Achrafieh 2020 ( free delivery 03700070)
Al Makassed
Anta Akhi
Oum el Nour

In Beirut:
Afel: Crypte de l’Eglise Saint Joseph des Pères Jésuites (19 and 20 December)
Antiquités Habis - Sodeco
Athletes Anonymous - Mar Mikhael
Les Restos St Nicolas store
Merou Restaurant - Mar Mikhael
Standard - Gemmeyzeh
The smallville hotel

Outside Beirut:
Librairie Mémoires - Kfarhbab
Bookstop - Jounieh